Thursday, July 5, 2012


  1. They buy choice properties in Abuja, Lagos and other places.
  2. They buy choice properties in Dubai, London, U.S, Singapore or Malaysia.
  3. They buy shares in the name of family members or proxies.
  4. They use fronts to run legitimate businesses.
  5. They set up private Newspapers.
  6. They startup airlines.
  7. They build private University in Nigeria or Abroad.
  8. They build Hotels in South Africa or other tourist spots around the world.
  9. They build elite multi million naira primary and secondary schools in Nigeria and give a foreigner or his wife to manage.
  10. They build churches.
  11. They build mosques.
  12. They sponsor pilgrims to Saudia or Jerusalem.
  13. They establish a mechanized farm that produces nothing.
  14. They buy traditional titles.
  15. They buy a university honorary degree.
  16. They sponsor cronies for political offices.
  17. They stash up cash in Swiss accounts.
  18. They now choose Dubai banks or Asian banks where money laundering is not a crime.
  19. They send their children to study in elite schools abroad.
  20. They invest in telecommunications.
  21. They invest in banking.
  22. They invest in oil and gas.


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