Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Poems of Peace in the season of bloodshed

This Book is distributed Free. Its message is to promote peace and encourage people to stand up and speak out against violence. You can view or Download it here...

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Nigeria was created out of the major polar component at the turn of the 18th century. The northern Nigeria is one of the components of the emerged nation. The north is a large geographical entity with people of diverse background (in religion, ethnicity and temperament).

Much from the beginning, the people have been living in peace and harmony, until recently when the issues of ethno religious crisis started rearing its head. Since then, it has continues unabated. Ethno religious conflict has become one of the ugly features of northern Nigeria and social issues that have been of utmost concern to every stakeholder.

Several factors have been responsible for the increase in ethno religious conflict; poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, bad governance and uneven distribution of resources and so many other factors.

Whatever the cause may be, ethno religious conflicts
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

16 Commandments for APC

  1. Thou shall embrace internal democracy.
  2. Thou shall not impose a candidate.
  3. Thou shall have an ideology or principles.
  4. Thou shall avoid night meetings in the villa.
  5. Thou shall not embrace agent provocateurs.
  6. Thou shall avoid ethnic and religious sentiments.
  7. Thou shall not betray each other.
  8. Thou shall stand by and for the people.
  9. Thou shall keep aside ego.
  10. Thou shall be weary of the corrupt needing a shelter.
  11. Thou shall practice what you preach.
  12. Thou shall not embrace political merchants.
  13. Thou shall be vigil on INEC.
  14. Thou shall place national interest above personal interest.
  15. Thou shall be different from the ruling party.
  16. Thou shall avoid elitism

Monday, November 5, 2012

US presidential election: who does the world want to win?

Obama's election provoked euphoria in his ancestral village in Kenya, as well as among African governments who scented a chance to move up the US's list of priorities.
Four years later, there is largely a sense of deflation and, judging by column inches in the press, somewhat less enthusiasm for this year's presidential race. Sub-Saharan Africa has barely been mentioned in the campaign and the feeling of apathy is mostly mutual.
Yet residual loyalty to Obama remains deep and, if Africa's billion citizens got to vote, it seems likely he would win by a landslide.
"Four years ago there was so much hope in this country," said Boniface Mwangi, a photographer and political activist whose office in Nairobi, Kenya, is decorated with Obama's image in life-size cardboard replica. "Now we're no longer that hopeful and asking where did we go wrong. I thought Barack Obama would do well for Africa but I'm ashamed to say that George Bush did more. Obama has done nothing for us. People are very mad, especially in Kogelo, his family village: they're still expecting some kind of handout from [him]. I hope his second term plans will include Africa; otherwise he's a scumbag and a hoax."
Kenya is preoccupied with its own elections. Yet despite everything, Mwangi, who took out a bank loan to be in America for Obama's historic 2008 win, hopes that he will repeat the feat. "He's more progressive than Romney in every way. Romney will be bad for America and the world. He's shallow and slimy, like a car salesman selling junk."
Obama, who once hailed the "blood of Africa within me", has spent only 20 hours on sub-Saharan African soil since becoming president (it was a stopover in Ghana in between summits elsewhere).
By contrast, the president of China, Hu Jintao, has made seven trips to Africa, five as head of state, and visited at least 17 countries, according to the Brookings Institution.
But the Democrat remains way ahead of Romney in terms of brand recognition. Shehu Sani, an author and human rights activist in Nigeria, said:
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If Africa votes Obama

THE forthcoming election in the United States of America, had taken much of the global airwaves, and daily assuming a media glitz of dizzying dimension.
In the next few days, Americans would be going to the poll again; to vote a president that will preside over their nation for the next four years.
In the present
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Friday, October 19, 2012

The EU deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

THE ultimate desire of every nation on earth is to excel and massively developed to its full potentials and ultimately became an object of emulation and envy. In line with this aspiration, many nations put in place plans and developmental strategies which are short.
While nations make sustain efforts in this aspiration,
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Adegbite: Exit of a bridge builder

MELLIFLUOUS echoes of dirges, eulogies and encomiums flowed in from different personalities, from across the length and breadth of Nigeria and Africa to praise his numerous impacts on humanity, to explore and appreciate his numerous roles as a peace maker, to eulogize his influence as a positive change agent and to express their deep pains on the unanticipated exit of Abdulateef Oladimeji Adegbite, the Secretary General, Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic affairs (NSCIA) the Baba Adini of Egba Muslim, the Seriki of Egbaland, a revered and erudite constitutional lawyer, a vibrant motivator of youth and a strong believer in one Nigeria.
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Revolution attempts in Nigeria

EVERY rational being thrives well in an orderly society, hence the necessity to ensure stability in the polity. Good governance equally thrives in an orderly society, hence the necessity to sustain orderliness. As orderliness thrives, leaders however continue to abuse the system through corruption, intolerance, dictatorship and human right abus
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Technology and violence

INCREASINGLY, the world is desirous of peace and the people of the world are feverishly working and cooperating to initiate, promote, sustain and entrench global peace and harmony in whatever ways and forms possible. Much as efforts to promote peace and harmony are sustained, increasing violence continues to undermine such efforts as it manifests itself in different forms and degrees.

The violence
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Ethiopia after Meles Zenawi

SINCE 2008, Africa has lost eight heads of state. Recent ones include Malam Bacai Sanha of Guinea Bissau, Umaru Musa Yar’adua of Nigeria, Muammar Ghaddafi of Libya, Bingu Wa Mutharika of Malawi, John Atta Mills of Ghana and Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia who died in a Belgian hospital at age 57. Some of them died as a
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Francisca Okoli; Courageous till death

Shehu Sani Friday, 07 September 2012- Nigeria Tribune Online
DEATH came knocking on the door of her family house. It lurked in the corner for  a while until it threw its pang on the once vivacious and vibrant Francisca Ngozi Okoli, snatching her in her prime and puncturing to uselessness and eternity, all her lofty dream for a better tomorrow.
Some dare devil armed men had, in their dastardly operation and satanic mission, visited the family house of Mr & Mrs Okoli in
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