Monday, August 1, 2011

Dangers of 6years One-Term Limit

1-it will subjugate voters to an interminable fate in the hands of non performing leaders
2-it will deny voters the ability to limit the harm of a corrupt leader
3-it will promote predatory and unaccountable leadership
4-it will limit the choice of voters
5-it will stifle the development of electoral process

6-it will promote dictatorship at state and Federal level
7-it will terminally muzzle opposition parties and entrench one party rule
8-it will promote the philosophy of loot and go
9-it will entrench sectional and ethnic politics
10-it will entrench political arrogance
11-it will shorten the political life Span of a typical Nigerian
12-it will suffocate generational shift
13-it will spark off a constitutional crisis
14-it will overheat the polity and waste valuable time that should be devoted for development
15-it will entrench nepotism
16-it will entrench an absolute power syndrome
17-it will render the legislature at state level docile
18-it will further encourage violence as a means of ejecting bad leaders
19-it will formally induct the do or die ideology Into our electoral politics
20-it will bury fairness, justice and equity in governance.

Shehu Sani
Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria.


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