Friday, October 19, 2012

The EU deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

THE ultimate desire of every nation on earth is to excel and massively developed to its full potentials and ultimately became an object of emulation and envy. In line with this aspiration, many nations put in place plans and developmental strategies which are short.
While nations make sustain efforts in this aspiration,
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Adegbite: Exit of a bridge builder

MELLIFLUOUS echoes of dirges, eulogies and encomiums flowed in from different personalities, from across the length and breadth of Nigeria and Africa to praise his numerous impacts on humanity, to explore and appreciate his numerous roles as a peace maker, to eulogize his influence as a positive change agent and to express their deep pains on the unanticipated exit of Abdulateef Oladimeji Adegbite, the Secretary General, Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic affairs (NSCIA) the Baba Adini of Egba Muslim, the Seriki of Egbaland, a revered and erudite constitutional lawyer, a vibrant motivator of youth and a strong believer in one Nigeria.
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Revolution attempts in Nigeria

EVERY rational being thrives well in an orderly society, hence the necessity to ensure stability in the polity. Good governance equally thrives in an orderly society, hence the necessity to sustain orderliness. As orderliness thrives, leaders however continue to abuse the system through corruption, intolerance, dictatorship and human right abus
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