Thursday, June 23, 2011



1 - Repressive attack against the religious group by the Government in 2009.
2- The extra judicial killings of their Leader Muhammad Yusuf and others in 2009.
3- Exclusion of members of the Group by mainstream Islamic groups.
4- Failure of Governance in Borno and Bauchi states.
5- Federal government policy of appeasing militancy.
6- Inspiration from the success of the armed struggle in the Niger Delta.
7- Abject poverty and high rate of unemployment in the northern states.
8- Proliferation of arms in the north east.
9- Chadian civil war and illegal immigration.
10-Disconnect between elected and appointed leaders and the people.
11- Absence of data and intelligence about individuals and organizational links with foreign groups.
12- Absence of a rehabilitation program for religious fundamentalists.
13- Indolence and negligence of the northern states governors.
14-Misuse of security votes by states Governors.
15- The standoff in Somalia.
16- Unresolved Arab Israeli crisis.
17- Lack of true federalism.
18- Resistance of the political establishment to a national conference.
19- The collapse of public schools.
20- Active involvement of traditional leaders in politics.
21- Federal government increasing reliance on foreign security agencies.


1- Creation of a Ministry for Peace and Ethinic and religious Harmony.
2- Compensation and formal apology to the family of the slain Boko Haram leader.
3- Release of the members of the groups in detention.
4- Setting up of a special joint federal and state fund for the rehabilitation and assistance to the Almajiri children.
5- Setting up of a presidential contact committee headed by respected and politically neutral Elder statesmen to meet with the group.
6- Massive economic aid and investment in particularly the north eastern states of Nigeria.
7- Mainstreaming all religious sects and groups in broader religious bodies.
8- Revival of public education.
9- Periodic consultation between local Government officials and local religious groups.
10- Equipping and funding preventive intelligence.
11-Support and funding for local groups involved in peace promotion in the vulnerable states.
12- Mopping up of arms and explosives.

Shehu Sani